Assembly Facilities and Suppliers

We provide assemblers with reusable packaging rack bags, work in process bags, as well as tool pouches to keep tools close at hand. We work directly with the customers engineering team to design new or replacement rack bags to ensure the parts will be protected properly and the bag will meet its life expectancy in all the environments the bag will face. Customers are from the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, aerospace, and equipment industries.

Rack Fabricators

We can assist rack fabricators in designing bags for new racking they are designing for their customers and ensure the requirements are met at the lowest cost over the expected lifetime of the bag.

Plastics Industry

We have worked with companies in the injection molding, rotational molding, and vacuum forming industries. We commonly produce OEM parts, including strap assemblies and netting components for their finished products.

Electronics Manufacturers

We have designed and built protective cases that are used by the end consumer to carry and use the electronic product or enable hands free use of the product.

Brand Owners 

We have helped a wide range of brand owner products; from pet, baby, children's, women's men's, and outdoor accessories to hardware, and medical devices. These brand owners range from websites, catalog, direct commercial sales, to wholesalers.   


The products we have developed and sewn for manufacturers ranges from the very simple tool pouch to carry cases for maintenance equipment that is shipped with their finished product, to protective coverings for high value equipment.

Oversized Load Transporters

We can assist in crafting customized tarping required for oversized or specialized loads.  We understand many of these jobs require a one of a kind tarp.