Your (Assembly/ Manufacturing/ Brand) company is looking for:

  • A US based manufacturer for your sewn product you already have designed and ready for production.

  • A US based manufacturer you can speak to about designing a new sewn product.

  • A manufacturer that can review a product you are already having made, because:

    • Your product is not lasting as long as it should

    • You concerned about the materials it's made from

    • You don't like the aesthetics of your current product

    • Your product doesn't function the way it should

    • You want to change the material your product is made from

    • You what to know if your product can be changed so the cost is reduced

Then you have found the right place!

How can you be sure?

Just review the diverse list of Products we have manufactured along with the list Industries we have worked with to provide a complete package of Services.


We offer a Sewn Product Design Training and Consultation for customers planning to get a product manufactured.  

See if your company qualifies!

The process can be started with a call to our office to set a time to have a conversation about what your company is trying to accomplish and the products you are considering. These products could be something you are looking to resell as a brand owner, an OEM part you need for you product, or something that will be used within your company. 

The initial conversation should provide us with enough detail to determine if your company qualifies for the Design Training Session provided by our senior design staff. This session will be focused on the products we discussed in our first conversation so that we can focus on meeting your products requirement and objectives. This session can be conducted at our manufacturing facility or your offices depending on the situation.

During the Design Training Session we will discuss product life expectancy, conditions of the environment where the product will be used, aesthetic requirements, product hand, quantity of units being manufactured, materials considerations,  leadtime constraints, safety concerns, supply chain limitations, quality and cost requirements.

Many of our customers have made significant changes to the their original design during this process that have lead to improved product durability, ease of use, and cost savings as a few examples.

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